Fun-Filled Dog Play Dates & Daily Walks

At Housepetality Professional Pet Care, we understand the importance of daily exercise and its impact on dog behavior. We provide a daily walks and arrange dog play dates to ensure your pooch gets the proper exercise he or she needs.

Energetic Walks, $25-$30

We provide your pup with a 45-minute jaunt in your neighborhood or at the local park, as well play fetch or Frisbee if your dog has high energy. Fresh water, a goodie, and a big hug are provided at the end of each visit.

Play Dates & Exercises, $25-$30
For social dogs, we take small groups to hiking trails in open spaces and parks for one to three hours of fun and adventure. Compatibility is assessed before addition to a playgroup. Water is always provided and our vehicles have adequate ventilation and tie-downs for safety.
Midday Puppy Breaks, $20
This is a 30-minute visit to provide potty, lunch, and play for the young pups. Moreover, we work with the little ones on basic commands and leash walking. For households with more than one puppy, please call us for the rates.

Pet Chauffeur & Errands, $30/hour
Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish all of your errands. Let us take your pet to and from the vet or groomer, as well as pick-up any necessary supplies, so that you can focus on your work.

Pet Wash, $30 per Hour
Freshen up your pet with a thorough wash and grooming from our pet-care professionals. We use specially formulated shampoos that don't irritate skin and leave your animal with a wonderful scent.

Say good-bye to chewed up clothes by signing your pup up for a dog play date or daily walk.